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Easily sell to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) without opening a local office. Tens of thousands of verified wholesale buyers are only a few clicks away.

Trade with confidence: we are backed by the Dubai Government and strategically located at the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Enter the wholesale market in MENA

Our verified B2B buyers are looking for products like yours.


Access trade finance & credit insurance

Access trade finance & credit insurance


Convenient cross-border logistic services

Experience the integrated digital solutions for shipping, customs clearance, export licences, product registration and more.


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Submit bids on open RFQs to connect with buyers who are looking for products like yours.



How it works

1. Easily upload and manage your products

Showcase your products in the best way. Our team will help you upload your catalogue and launch sales promotions.

2. Use Kemden Logistics to get your products to market

Look no further for seamless support with import, export, customs, shipping, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

3. Get world-class customer support

Count on hands-on support and account management from the moment you register. Your buyers will receive fast and responsive customer service in the local languages of their choice.

4. Boost your sales: we offer finance and credit solutions to your buyers

Your buyers can apply for trade finance with us. You get paid immediately and the buyer has set repayment terms with us: it eases their cashflow and encourages them to buy faster and with greater confidence.

International sellers, we help you!

  • Fulfilled By Kemden: store your goods in our warehouse.
    We handle delivery and inventory management!
  • We help with Customs Clearance and Product Registration.
  • Easily sell in the Middle East. No need for your own local office.
  • We offer Exporter of Record services, if you do not have an export licence.

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